Wednesday, 24.05.2017
Meetup attendees

Yesterday we've rolled our first VueJS meetup in Ljubljana, which "progressive user group" I've founded back in January 2017 attracted nearly 60 attendees. Today the group itself already counts 130 members and is gradually growing. That's great and I'm very proud that there is such interest in VueJS framework among developers in Slovenia.

Wednesday, 5.04.2017

I've recently completed a simple project in which my client requested a plain HTML markup which he later implemented in his .NET web application. No Javascript frameworks were possible to use so I wondered which approach would be convenient the most. Basically, I needed to split my markup into reusable components so I could use them in different places. Every common person would immediately think of Polymer and so did I.

Wednesday, 1.02.2017
Vue.js useful resources

So as I've been mentioning earlier today, I'm very excited about a Vue.js progressive framework, which is in my opinion, one of the most promising frameworks. It's been also ranked #1 the Most Popular Projects in 2016. (which is no coincidence). Consequently, it is a great time to learn this new baby! I've been searching around and found some pretty good introductions and extended tutorials. 

Wednesday, 1.02.2017

It's been a while since I've posted anything here or do any design changes. That's all about to change now! Here is the new site, running on Drupal 8! Hooray! And that's not all. I've committed myself to post here far more often than before. Here you will be able to read about Drupal projects, Vue.js and random ongoing things I'll stumble upon from time to time.

It is still a work in progress and it's gonna be for a while: all those little things and links all over the site, which I'll try not to overdo it tough, rather keep it simple as is.

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