About me

David LičenMy name is David and I am considering myself as a senior Front-end developer and UX/UI designer. My great passion for more than 10 years is all about the web and design. During these years I've developed strong HTML/CSS skills, which I'm constantly upgrading with modern progressive Javascript frameworks, Vue.js in particular.

I've met Drupal for the first time back in 2006, when I was contributing as a theme designer. After a couple of years, I've started theming and site building on my own. First with version 7 and today mainly with version 8.

My experiences with Drupal currently includes complete knowledge to design and program Drupal 7 and 8 themes from scratch and build all the custom views and blocks. I have a good understanding of Drupal render arrays and basic module development. My working environment is MacOS X, running Drupal sites in Vagrant with a use of GIT, Drush and Gulp/Grunt for Sass preprocessing and automatization.

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