First VueJS meetup in Slovenia

Meetup attendees

Yesterday we've rolled our first VueJS meetup in Ljubljana, which "progressive user group" I've founded back in January 2017 attracted nearly 60 attendees. Today the group itself already counts 130 members and is gradually growing. That's great and I'm very proud that there is such interest in VueJS framework among developers in Slovenia.

On the [0]. VueJS Meetup we had two talks. First was an Introduction to VueJS presented by Kristjan Sedlak. His slides are available here: In the second talk, I've presented Nuxt.JS Framework for server-side rendering. You can download the slides here.

As far as I've talked to the attendees, everyone liked the meetup and are eager to hear and learn more about this progressive framework. I'm planning the next meetup in September with some very interesting talks. So make sure to join our VueJS Meetup group and stay tuned!