Some useful articles about Vue.js progressive framework

Vue.js useful resources

So as I've been mentioning earlier today, I'm very excited about a Vue.js progressive framework, which is in my opinion, one of the most promising frameworks. It's been also ranked #1 the Most Popular Projects in 2016. (which is no coincidence). Consequently, it is a great time to learn this new baby! I've been searching around and found some pretty good introductions and extended tutorials. 


Maximilian Schwarzmüller from Mindspace youtube channel has posted some great video series about Vue.js 2. He is also so much funny guy. Great mentor. I've selected some more interesting topics:

Learning the basic

  1. Getting stared (8:58)
  2. The Vue-CLI & .vue files (14:22)
  3. Components & .vue files (7:46)
  4. Component Communication (props / events) (9:37)
  5. Routing setup (12:34)
  6. Route navigation & parameters (12:39)
  7. State & store (Introducing Vuex)  (15:26)
  8. Getters (VueJS 2 & Vuex) (11:16)
  9. Mutations (VueJS 2 & Vuex) (10:01)
  10. Actions (VueJS 2 & Vuex) (7:56)
  11. BONUS (VueJS 2 & Vuex) (5:22)

You can find his extended tutrials on Udemy. Great stuff.

[Update: 20.2.2017]

I found one more great video lectures on Laracasts. You definitely have to check them out, if you want to learn VueJS:


I'm currently going through also amazing article series on CSS-Tricks, by Sarah Drasner. You don't want to miss them:

  1. Rendering, Directives, and Events 
  2. Components, Props, and Slots
  3. Vue-cli
  4. Vuex
  5. Animations

Join us at Vue Slovenia!

One more thing before I conclude. If you're a progressive developer, interested in Vue.js, be sure to join our Slovenian Meetup here! We're fast growing group, so be sure to come along. We're planning to organize our first Vue.js meetup this spring! Stay tuned.

If I'll find some more interesting resources, I'll put them here. And sure, if you're having some useful links, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments!